According to Katy, rowing is an explicit form of exercise cutting across all trainings. Rowing can be defined as either the sole activity or racing sport of moving the boat by the use of oars. Rowing can be exercised through the use of a boat or a rowing machine and in this case, Katy used the latter means. Rowing is extremely involving and require a lot of effort and determination, however, it is essential in maintaining the overall body fitness.


I was specifically moved by the way Katy brought out the importance of rowing to the overall health of the body. Katy explains what body parts get involved extensively during the rowing process. These body parts include the hamstrings, back, core, arms and the squads. Katy emphasizes that rowing entails a full body anaerobic and aerobic workouts. The aerobic workout is achieved through the repetitive movements and the gliding motion of the body muscles. Anaerobic workouts on the hand are controlled by the resistance that the muscles are placed under. The combination of all the workouts according to the author results in improved blood pressure, improved endurance, increased cardiovascular health and increased bone density.

My favorite section is how Katy struggled to master the rowing activity using their new rowing machine. The persistence of the author through the 4-6 days per week workout is motivating and can be concluded to have been the force behind Katy’s mastery of the rowing activity. This clearly shows that with practice, it is possible to achieve perfectness. Humility and patience accompany the hard work and endurance that together give the desired level of fitness of a given individual. Katy shows how hopeful and enjoyable the experience is, thus giving a glimpse of a challenge to the reader to try the experience out. This is quite capturing and thus a strong motivation for workouts.