Business is becoming dynamic with time. Having come from a background of business, I believe that by getting the opportunity to undertake a course in Business Administration would be an appropriate move for me in scaling up the business. I have acquired the technical skills that are required for me to undertake a career in business to help me in the management of the organization. I believe I have what it takes to help me in the achievement of my goals. I have a background in engineering having attained a degree in Technology from Rajasthan Technical University. However, in applying for the master’s degree in Business Administration, it would be an opportunity for me to advance my career but at a different angle.


My educational background is proof of my ability to excel in the field. It is my hope that upon entry and completion of the degree, I will be in a position to pursue my business ambitions. I have worked in different capacities that have helped build up my experience. I was on internship at the Airport Authority of India where part of the Navigational Aids & Automation of Air Traffic Service was. Also, I worked at the Kumar Electricals as the Business Manager. The knowledge and expertise I acquired as the manager was helpful in giving me a broader perspective of business. It is because of the same reason that I hope that through venturing into a degree in business; I would be in a better position to efficiently manage my business ambitions. The professional experience that I have gained from the work experience would help me understand the studies that I am undertaking.

The degree I would be undertaking requires the kind of person who is resilient enough to deal with the demands of the course. I am glad to state that I am the type of person who is ambitious and determined to achieve the goals that I have set to achieve upon completion of my degree. From my college days, I was active in coordinating various activities for the school for the three years I was in school. Notably, I was the coordinator for college annual function for three years. I believe that is evidence enough to confirm that I have the organizational skills that could be helpful for the course. If given a chance to pursue the degree, it is my belief that I will not let myself down and the school since I have what it takes to deliver the results. Also, I have leadership skills, a virtue that would be necessary at different stages of my academic life. In undertaking the master’s degree in business administration, there would be times I would be required to lead the rest of the team in ensuring that the goals set are achieved. The same can be a proof of the fact that I was the school hostel appointee commonly known as the prefect. I have also attended various workshops that have given me the opportunity to interact with the others particularly my course mates and trainers. Further, I am the kind of person who has a passion for learning new things. It would be easy for me to learn the course without many difficulties.