My childhood dream that has been persistent through to adulthood was to study economics and make a difference in the world. My school life has had many successes, which made me blissful, and hurdles that made me sad momentarily but brought me to serious deliberations about the nest step to take. While in high school, I made my choices of the possible tertiary institutions from which I would pursue my dreams. UCSD was at the top of my list, and nothing would have made me happier than receiving my acceptance letter to join the school. My dreams were well in line, but I encountered difficulties. The lowest moment of my life occurred when I received the letter of discontinuation of my college life at UCSD. Earlier on, I was used to constant concern about my academics, and this gave me the motivation to wake up every morning to strive to get good grades.

 My high school life started with me having difficulties studying since I did not transition smoothly into the new life, but due to the close monitoring and advice from teachers, I was able to learn about how to excel at that level. College life was different from the life I had lived. I was responsible for myself, from personal to academic life. This situation was difficult, and I started getting late to class due to the struggles. I would sleep late into the night, and that meant that I would fall behind schedule in the next day. UCSD is a great place, having many student success centers, free tutoring, and many other forms of academic assistance. However, I admit fault in failing to contact anyone for help with studying tips.

After my disqualification, I moved to the Community College where I spent three years, during which I studied many subjects to find my interest. This transition to a post-secondary was not easy and required versatility to adjust to the new environment. I am an introvert. This nature became a natural barrier to my acclimatization. I was weak in mathematics, and as a result, I had difficulty learning calculus. However, I did not give up. I kept visiting the math center and utilized the office hours wisely. I took pre-calculus to enable me to understand better economics principles. I found applied mathematics subjects such as Financial and Managerial Accounting more appealing. My passion was reignited and made stronger by my Accounting professor when he told us about the numerous applications of mathematics to economics and business administration and its contribution in acquiring the ability to read numbers relevant to the mentioned subjects. My experience at the college taught me new studying and time management skills. I am a better student at the moment, knowing how to utilize the resources provided to me.

UCSD has various resources such as the student success centers, free tuition, and many other assistive programs for aggressive students. I will come up with a schedule that will enable me to utilize these resources effectively. I strive to wake up early so that I follow the day’s schedule to the end. I endeavor to maintain a healthy lifestyle that will include extra-curricular activities so that I become a holistic and well-developed student. Moreover, I will seek any assistance in the subjects in which I am weak from fellow students and professors. Now that I know my goals more vividly, I intend to get a mentor from the teaching staff and outside the college so that they will keep me accountable academically. With these tools, I am sure of being successful when given a second chance to do my course at UCSD.