Examination of outcomes of various research studies in health care is critical if the findings are to be practiced or used in healthcare delivery (Cantrell, 2011). The concept of validity is, thus, necessary for quantitative research since it in ensures that the results remain usable in practices, as well as in care delivery. The paper will, therefore, look at the potential concerns regarding a diabetes management study internal validity; identify the recommendation on strengthening the process and the effects of the proposal. The essay will conclude by pinpointing the dangers of failing to consider the validity of a research study.


Potential Concerns about the Diabetes Management Study Internal Validity

Internal validity alludes particularly to whether an investigational treatment creates a variation in the results or not and establishes whether there is evidence to prove the difference (Polit & Beck, 2012). In a diabetes management study, history could threaten internal validity. History, in this case, refers to the possible phenomenon that could occur between the first and subsequent diabetes management activities such as physical exercises. The events that could happen between the first and second diabetes management activities could include bodily injuries that could prevent the physical exercises. Other concerns include testing, maturation, and instrumentation among others.

Recommendation on Strengthening Internal Validity

Ensuring the safety of the individual experiment (independent variable) is essential in enhancing the internal validity of the study on diabetes management (Yuan, Chou, Hwu, Chang, Hsu & Kuo, 2009). The security of the experimentation individual is vital to the management activities that ranges from drug administration to physical exercises (dependent variables) will become ineffective parallel to treatment on other diseases.


One of the primary dangers of failing to consider internal validity is the inability to establish whether the effects observed were due to the manipulation of the independent variable. Further, internal validity will aid the researcher to identify the other factors that he/she may be unable to control to make the inference of the study.