A man is sent far into the woods to a concentration camp, the objective of the mission is to come up with reasons on various aspects of life that leaves questions in minds of many. The reason for existence, reasons for some happenings in life including natural happenings. Reasons as to why people are different, why others are poor others rich, others hardworking and reasons for the general human personality traits. The man sent to a quiet place away from people and distractions where he can concentrate on the subject and come out with possible meaning to all these aspects of life especially concerning the existence of human beings.


The man on the mission comes out with such a metaphor of life that it is impossible to figure out the happenings in our life we do not have power or control over what happens to each. Human existence and the whole notion of life are controlled by a supreme being with superior powers, combined with various factors and aspects of nature. Determinants of where people would live, the different geographical positioning, and the parental relationships – all the way down to personality traits that different people portray. Each human being in existence is special and has a designated way of life, career; everyone is unique.

The popular line that the writer insists on is of a man who constantly asks, "What is the meaning of life?" the actions that each one portrays in life is the actual answer to the question. In as much as there is a more supreme being in existence that has control over people, an individual also has the power to define the meaning of life in the way one chooses to live. "Those who have a 'why' to live, can bear with almost any 'how'." The real meaning of life is different for each depending on how one decides to make it.